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Vegetation Layer Density

  • I'm seeking a way to increase the density of the vegetation layers beyond the slider in ANVEL, because even at the maximum density, the vegetation is pretty sparse, especially for things like trees. While I could always add tree groups manually, it would still take forever. Is there a way to do this in ANVEL, or would I have to add multiple instances of objects using the external API?

    Thank you.

  • @tlwalsh,

    Thanks for your question. You should be able to define your own vegetation layer by editing the Vegetation Definition files and adding a new definition that suits your needs. Read about the Vegetation Definition file here: This will enable your new layer in ANVEL.

    To change the graphical representation of that layer, which is what it sounds like you're getting at, you'll need to work with the OGRE PagedGeometry definitions as well. Documentation for this system can be found here:

    This might be tricky depending on your level of 3D art expertise. Let us know how far you get and if you need additional assistance!

    ANVEL Support

  • @ANVEL Team,

    I appreciate the quick reply.

    I've already been able to create my own vegetation definition within CompleteVegetationDefinitions.xml, which for now I did simply by copying and pasting the "Trees" definition (from the open vegetation tag to the end vegetation tag) and altering the "name" property to "Forest." When this successfully created a custom layer, I adjusted the "MaxHeight" and "MinHeight" properties to scale the objects that were appearing to suit my application. At the time, this worked in scaling the objects present.

    I have also already done some work in the OGRE PagedGeometry definitions by editing the DefaultPagedGeomDefinitions.xml, again, by copying and pasting the "Trees" definition (from the open layer tag to the end layer tag) and altering the "name" property to "Forest." I adjusted the "MinHeight" and "MaxHeight" tags because after adding this definition, I had the problem of the objects no longer scaling. Unfortunately, I still have not gotten them to scale successfully since, but this isn't much of a concern for me.

    I then tried scaling the "density" property in both files one at a time, up and down in both small and large increments, to see if I could get the vegetation layer to react at all, which I figured would appear to do something. No matter what I did, though, it seems like the same density of objects is occurring as the default, which, in my environment, is incredibly sparse. However, it is worth noting that in the default QS_Streets environment, this is rather dense. Below I have the Forest vegetation layer applied in the QS_Streets environment versus my environment, and then I have the Trees in the QS_Streets environment versus my environment. Hopefully this gives you a sense of what my issue is.

    (Hopefully the images show up. Since they weren't in the preview, I'm going to include the image urls separately, too.)





    Thank you for the help so far.