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    Quantum Signal is pleased to announce the Convoy Creator for ANVEL 4.0. Download the package today:

    The basic idea behind the Convoy Creator is to extend ANVEL’s capability through a set of helper utilities that leverage the ANVEL External API. The included Convoy Creator user interface helps facilitate the setup and configuration of convoy (multi-vehicle) applications.

    Convoy Creator users can quickly specify high-level application characteristics such as type and number of vehicles, communications, following control, and spacing between the initial vehicle placements. The Convoy Creator then automatically generates the appropriate ANVEL External API code templates without requiring the user to enter tedious, often repetitive, details. This flexible “wizard”-style design also allows for direct editing of the generated template scripts for further customization while keeping the UI from being overly complex.


    Download the tool today and let us know what you use it for!

    • The ANVEL Team