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Python console and os.__file__

  • In ANVEL 3.0, what determines the value of os.__file__ in the Python console?

    For me, that value is different in two ANVEL instances, even though sys.path is the same.

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  • @rr,

    Good question - for me, it's set to the location of the Python library that comes with ANVEL. For example:

    'C:\\Program Files\\Quantum Signal, LLC\\ANVEL Academic Edition\\bin\\common\\Python\\x64\\\\'

    Is that what you are you seeing?

    ANVEL Support

  • Yes, that's what I'm seeing on one of them. On the other, it's pointing to the Anaconda version of that module. For the life of me, I can't tell what's different between the two environments. Interestingly enough, the computer pointing to Anaconda works correctly, i.e. allows me to import modules such as numpy, whereas the one pointing to the Anvel version gets unhappy when I do certain imports (even though the modules are in my PYTHONPATH).

  • @rr,

    It's hard to know what's going on on your PC without getting some more information. I assume these are both Windows installs?

    If you do a "set|more>output.txt" it will list all env variables (in Windows 10). Can you send us some output on your two different PCs?

    ANVEL Support

  • I did what you suggested and saved the env from both machines. The only differences is the user name in various paths. Also, strangely enough, the problems I was having with loading Python modules have disappeared. If I can reliably recreate the problem I'll let you know.