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Saving an environment modifies custom asset scale

  • Hello,

    I, as well as some of my colleagues, have been running into an issue with custom assets. We are looking to iteratively build an environment file, through adding custom assets while saving our new environments. In the process, whenever an environment is saved, whether it be overwriting a new environment or writing to a new environment, any custom assets are given odd scale values and we have to manually fix the scale values, either through ANVEL or through modifying the environment file.

    Here I add our custom asset, located in the "resources" folder


    Then after saving to a new environment, and loading the new environment, the asset comes out like this:


    The asset still exists in the environment, however the scale value is messed up.

    This scale value is modified for every custom asset in the environment, and this modification occurs consistently. We have two methods of importing custom assets, both of which encounter this problem. One way is through adding a custom assets folder in the "resources" folder where ANVEL is located, and adding a reference to the resources in AnvelInit.xml. The other way is through adding the assets in UserAssetsOverride.xml, and storing the UserAssets/ folder in the same folder (Users/[user]/AppData/Local/Anvel).

    Is there a way we can alleviate this issue with the way we import assets? We are currently running into this issue with ANVEL 3.0, and working on migrating to ANVEL 3.5.


    • Aamir

  • @aamirmaj,

    Thanks for your question. Although we highly recommend upgrading to ANVEL 3.5 (or waiting until May to upgrade to 4.0), I can help you look into this issue in ANVEL 3.0. I was unable to reproduce what you're seeing; I tried setting the asset tag as follows and was able to save and load my environment successfully:

            <asset asset="DesertMetroBuildings" name="block1" parent="176160773" placeOnGround="false" oldId="176160994">
                <position x="-187.63999999999999" y="188.08000000000001" z="-0.20000000000000001"/>
                <scale x="0.25" y="0.25" z="0.25"/>

    The object definition for this asset is:

    	<object category="Buildings" name="DesertMetroBuildings" placeable="false" selectable="false">
    			<ogre3d mesh="cityblock.mesh" shadows="off" zUp="true">
    		<physics type="static">
    			<geometry surface="Asphalt">
    				<shape mesh="cityblock.mesh" type="triMesh" upAxis="z"/>

    Can you send us your environment definition file to so that we can try to reproduce?

    ANVEL Support