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  • I have been using the API LiDAR example script to access point cloud data from ANVEL, but it appears that the point clouds from GetLidarPoints are generated off of the bounding boxes of objects. With non-API LiDAR, there is an option to use the GPU, which appears to use the object’s mesh to generate point results. Is there a similar mesh option available for the API LiDAR? If not, do you have any advice on either writing a version of the API LiDAR that can use the mesh, or any advice on sampling points directly off of the ogre mesh files outside of ANVEL?

  • @swm0022

    Thanks for your question! I would recommend reviewing the Object Definition Basics page in the documentation. There are a few options you have available if you want to change the bounding box that the API lidar uses to generate collisions. If using primitive colliders, you can edit the object definition in question so that the shapes more closely align to the visual representation. If that does not get you the level of precision required, it's possible to define the collider of an object by using the TriangleMesh (defined by the mesh file, see the properties documentation for usage, here:

    Hopefully this helps!

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