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ANVEL 3.0 Crashes during Simulation

  • Hello,

    Currently my team is running multiple ANVEL instances for our simulation lab, and every so often, we run into an ANVEL instance crashing during the simulation. The ANVEL instances run within Windows virtual machines, which we manage remotely. The ANVEL instances run a set of plugins we use to publish vehicle data, controls and sensor streams to remote ROS machines on the network. When ANVEL crashes, it does not generate a DebugLog or output any errors, which is unusual behavior, considering Anvel will generate a log for crashes. The Windows Reliability Monitor comes up with a problem signature pointing to AnvelSimulation.dll.


    Given the problem signature, I suspect this may be some sort of bug with ANVEL. Is there anything this specific error points to, and if this is not a bug with ANVEL, is there anything specific I should look at?