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  • Hey team!
    Looking to implement something visually similar to the road decals that you have in your decals library, but using my own shapes. E.g., one of the shapes could be a circle, another - some sort of curve. And just like decals, I'd like them to be rendered on top of the terrain surface. Do I need to define a new mesh? Is there an easier way through some sort of editor?

    My ultimate goal is to use these shapes to convey information about a vehicle's path when the simulation is running.


  • @rr Another approach I was considering is some way to "paint" the surface. Is that possible somehow?

  • @rr,

    Thanks for your question! We'll take a look at what's possible. Are you mostly interested in leaving a breadcrumb trail behind a vehicle? We have a Python script that we previously developed that places a "flag" object at the vehicle's current position every 10th simulation step, making a trail. Would something like this suffice?


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  • Not exactly. I already have a very similar version of the breadcrumbs. Think more like backup camera in your car and the projected tracks it displays.

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    An overlay graphic is possible, however you would have to implement it in a plugin currently. We've implemented this kind of functionality for some projects in the past, for example an indicator of predicted future vehicle pose. 0_1549572582455_PredictedPathV2.png

    If you're interested in going down the route of plugin creation, I'd suggest checking out the plugin documentation here: as well as the internal API docs found here: <anvel_install_dir>/bin/common/html/help/index.html (navigate to Namespaces > Namespace List > Anvel > Rendering > RendererManager > CreateLineRenderable)

    Hope this helps! If you need additional help from QS on implementing something like this, we could provide you an estimate on what it would take.

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  • Thanks, I'll look into the plugin solution.