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.Las Segmentation algorithms

  • @ANVEL-Team

    Hello, are there any sample segmentation algorithms to create an image out of a LiDAR scan? I have.LAS files and I am trying to create a program that opens it up and gives me the characteristics or properties of objects from the LiDAR point clouds.

  • @tfw0006,

    We'll check into it for you and see if there's any simple ways to do this.

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  • Dear tfw006,

    In monitoring the ANVEL support forums, our team has noticed that you’ve been actively working with the product and finding a few challenges. We are excited that you are using ANVEL, and want to help you work through these issues and meet your needs.

    For the most part, the forums are intended for the occasional issue or concern, not so much as a comprehensive support tool for those working to seriously leverage the technology and build solutions. However, the following online tutorial may point you in the right direction:

    Thus, while we want to help you further, we really strongly recommend that you consider one of our available paid support options. The simplest support option is what we call the “Bucket ‘O Hours” that provides timely, on-request responses to support issues as well as several other great features (including direct email-based support and updated interim releases of the program).

    If you would be interested in that, our sales department can be contacted at and we can have them follow up with you directly. By the way, we also have ANVEL development services and training available to help kick-start your efforts and move them forward faster.

    Again, we sincerely appreciate your interest in ANVEL, and look forward to working with you soon!

    The ANVEL Support Team