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Announcing ANVEL 3.5

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    ANVEL 3.5 includes enhanced stability and bug fixes and a variety of new features:

    • Python 3 support for ANVEL’s built-in Python scripting system; users can switch between the default Python 2.7 plugin to the Python 3.x plugin in the AnvelInit.xml configuration file

    • ROS Indigo support on Ubuntu 14.04

    • ANVEL Automated Testing Framework, designed as a standalone package for facilitating automated testing of scenarios and functionality

    • New components:
      Particle component for adding particle effects, such as smoke, to objects
      MotionController component allows automatic position updates to objects that are outside of the physics simulation

    Check out the comprehensive release notes for ANVEL 3.5.

    Existing users can upgrade to 3.5 by logging into the ANVEL website, clicking on My ANVEL and selecting the desired software download. New users can apply for an ANVEL license here. ANVEL is available in three editions - Government, Commercial, and Academic - for Windows and Ubuntu Linux (both 16.04 and 14.04).

    ANVEL is a product of Quantum Signal, LLC.