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Surface Type not defined in the terrain object

  • Hi, When loading LargeParkingLot or any other environments, the Surface shows up as "None" in the Terrain object in Properties panel even though the default is defined as Concrete in the .env file. Can you please check this out if this is normal? Only for Desert Metropolis, the Surface shows up as something other than "None" (shows up as Asphalt).
    Thank you.

  • Hi.
    The answer depends on where you are looking in the Properties. It is recommended that you look under Environment > TerrainCellRoot > TerrainCell.


    If you place a vehicle in the environment, you can see the surface the tires are contacting by looking in Properties under Vehicles > your vehicle > select a tire > Surface. You may need to run the simulation for a moment for this field to populate.


  • Thank you.