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Compiling errors in VS2015 express

  • When updating some projects from ANVEL 2.5 to ANVEL 3.0, compiling errors always occur in AnvelMath.h . such as:

     constexpr float64 sNaN = std:;numeric_limit<double>::singaling_NaN();

    error: expression did not evaluate to a constant...
    Although, this error can be worked around with
    #define sNan std::numberic_limic<double>::signaling_Nan()
    However, many places in ANVEL system header file have the same errors.

    Question: is there any way to work around it without changing system head files?...


  • @peitaoshi,

    Two questions:

    • Do you have Update 3 for Visual Studio 2015?

    • Are you compiling with the C++ 14 standard? ANVEL requires it.

    ANVEL Support

  • @ANVEL-Team
    Thank you for your information.

    This issue got resolved after installing VS2015 update 3.