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Multi-function sensor plugin development

  • Is possible to simulate a multiple-function sensor in one plugin? such as Realsense depth camera D435 , which consist of two infra-red cameras and one color camera , can output 3D depth data like Lidar, 2 infra-red images and one color image.

  • @peitaoshi,

    With the development of a custom ANVEL sensor plugin, it would be possible to approximate an idealized version of this sensor. It may not include all of the errors of the real device, but we could likely generate depth maps and video.

    Of course, QS is available for this type of application engineering support if you or your team would be interested. Feel free to contact and we can work with you on various levels of support that would meet your needs.

    In the meantime, out of curiosity, can we ask more about the desired application for this sensor?

    ANVEL Support

  • @ANVEL-Team

    Thank you so much for replying. I will report to our supervisor about it.

    Nowadays, sensors are becoming more and more small and work as multiple roles. besides the depth sensor mention above, we have other multiple function sensors in the same vehicle. Hope you have better solution for that..

    I once tried writing a new sensor plugin with existing sensor combination such as stereo camera and camera.. Although, the user can derive "StereoCameraSensor" or "CameraSensor" but not create their instance directly , It looks like they are created and controlled by the system( DefaultSensorFactory). the user can not full control these sensor life cycle in the plug easily ( create, run, destroy it). As the typical software design pattern, the class design should allow different sensors' composition, etc.

    In addition, for sensor type " SteroCameraSensor" or "CameraSensor" , there is no "GetData" but GetLenData interface . it should have the interface to retrieve camera frames/image easily. As I know, it is not easy to do in the sensor plugin unless enumerating all sensor in the simulated environment ( extra plugin or module to do that).