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Accessing camera sensor data within a plugin

  • How does one get the raw (or compressed) image data from a camera sensor mounted on some vehicle within a plugin?

    There seems to function for accessing it through the external API, GetCameraFrame(), but I cannot find a corresponding function to access the data within a plugin.

  • Depending on the type of sensor you want to use you have a few options.
    In a generic sensor case you can use the GetData() method from Sensor.h located at "<install_dir>\src\AnvelCore\Simulation" .

    Alternatively, if you refer to CameraSimView.h(found at "<install_dir> \src\AnvelGui\Anvel\Dialogs"), depending on if you’re using a camera or lidar sensor, there are some protected wxImagePanel variables that you can also pull from.

    Also, since GetCameraFrame is an ANVELCommand, you can also use it to get the camera frame from within the plugin.