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Number of physics threads

  • Is there a way to set the number of physics threads used? It seems to be hardcoded to use (number of logical cores - 2). On very high core count machines, the simulation begins to slow down. There's also the issue that one may need to run other processes alongside ANVEL.

  • ok, I see that it's being set in C:\Users\UserLogin\AppData\Roaming\Anvel2.ini. This file seems to persist across Anvel uninstall/reinstalls too.

    I realize anvel might have been tuned for maximum lidar simulation or so, but just driving around with a regular 4 wheeled vehicle becomes very poor performing with threads set to 30-62.

  • @anvel-team
    It was a little misleading that there's the same entry in Properties > Sim tab > Physics > NumThread. It was editable, yet wouldn't take effect nor keep across restarts. I'm talking about Anvel 3.0, haven't tried 3.1.

    I am running it with that many cores. There's a lot of users running it with that many cores now; we have to run other processing on the machine.