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Electric Motor XML File Example

  • I'm attempting to model an electric car, but I have run into an issue with the "electricMotor" and "DCMotorSpeedController" (PID controller) functions. While there is a fair amount of information on both in the wiki, I have been unable to find any documentation on how to properly implement them within a vehicle model.

    Are there any examples of this being done successfully? All of the example files use the traditional "motor" definition.

  • @zaspin,

    Can you accomplish your simulation goals with the default simple motor model? In the meantime, we'll take a look at the electric motor implementation and try to get together a functional example!

    ANVEL Support

  • @ANVEL Team,

    I appreciate the work on getting an example together!

    With quite a bit of tweaking, I'm able to get results with the default motor that are close to the reference data. Thanks for the suggestion!