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Simple Path Follower or PID function

  • Hello, I am looking for a simple path follower Python function different from the one already available that asks for desired speed as one of the inputs. I want to be able to specify a throttle value outside this function. Or as an alternative, if there is a simple PID controller programmed in the API toolset, I can use that too. I need this capability because we want to force the vehicle to run at a constant speed (whereas the current path follower functions seems to drop the forward speed at tight corners instead of just vehicle rolling over).
    Thank you.

  • Good morning,
    I believe a good solution to your question is the Parametric Controller. This will command the vehicle to perform a predefined maneuver at the fastest rate the vehicle can drive.
    In the attached example script, you will note these lines:

    #Set to use Parametric Controller
    anv.SendStringCommand('UseParametricController', str(

    #Set Maneuver. The number corresponds to position in the list.
    #Example: "11" is "Triangle Wave Steering"
    anv.SendStringCommandParamList('StartManeuver' , (str(, '11'))

    Please let us know if this solution works for you.