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[Solved] Changing the color of the sky??

  • I was wondering if there is an (easy) way to change the color of the sky. For example, dusk (dark color), night with stars (black with yellow dots), etc. Thank you!

  • Yes! You can adjust the Time of day in the Environment properties which will give you the corresponding sky color.

    For example, if you change the Date/Time property to "08/05/2017; 22:53:26" it will be the middle of the night, so dark sky with stars.


  • @ANVEL-Team Thank you. I think that I did not explain my concern properly. Following this solution, the scene also becomes very dark so it is difficult to see the vehicle. My concern is to change only the sky (for example a sky with stars), but keeping the main scene as bright as possible. In a certain way, my point deals with replacing the image that you use for the daylight sky with an image that represent the night sky, but the scene should be lit as daylight.

  • Hi Ramon,
    Thank you for clarifying. This is possible. With the time set to the middle of the night, to get the dark sky, you will set the SkyXManager > MinimumAmbient property to 1;1;1;1.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist with.

  • Thank you! It works great!