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[fixed in 2.5] Unexpected Speed Limit In Path-Following via PYTHON API

  • I have been using Python API to simulate some vehicles to follow some predefined paths. However, the PYTHIN API function

    API.FollowPathVehicle(,, 1)

    imposes some limits on the vehicle speed which could not be observed from ANVEL GUI. For example, the vehicle Coroware Explorer has a speed limit of 0.68 m/s while its speed could be much higher if run from ANVEL GUI (interactive mode) . Running the attached script and a exception is thrown out:

    AnvelApi.ttypes.ParameterOutOfRange: ParameterOutOfRange(parameterName=u'speedMPS', allowableParameterRange=u'0 - 0.688875')

  • import sys
    sys.path.append('C:\Program Files\Quantum Signal, LLC\ANVEL 2\API\python\src')
    # import the control service (API) and data types
    from AnvelApi import AnvelControlService
    from AnvelApi.ttypes import *
    from thrift import Thrift
    from thrift.transport import TSocket
    from thrift.transport import TTransport
    from thrift.protocol import TBinaryProtocol
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    # connect to ANVEL locally on port 9094
    transport = TSocket.TSocket("", 9094)
    protocol = TBinaryProtocol.TBinaryProtocol(transport)
    API = AnvelControlService.Client(protocol)
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-19.5221, z=1.4410054730272295),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-21.1974, z=1.47463523460865),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-22.1651, z=1.4940602413988113),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-23.8743, z=2.0919878436326975),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-25.3029, z=2.616511167912483),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-26.2154, z=2.6221192877244945),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-26.7352, z=2.6221192877244945),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-29.2782, z=2.2604219103288656),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-31.1393, z=1.981248797307014),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-33.1343, z=1.694350002980232),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-34.6461, z=1.7288021487474445),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-36.2164, z=1.8174661475419995),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-37.9802, z=2.9205871826982497),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-39.5167, z=3.8815481227922444),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-41.2692, z=4.977600439076424),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-41.9748, z=5.016617618794442),
    Point3(y=-14.2, x=-43.0598, z=5.0166173803758625)
    path_desc=API.CreatePath('VehiclePath', waypoints)
    veh_desc=API.CreateObject('Coroware Explorer', 'CRSI', 0, waypoints[0], Euler(0, 3.14159, 0), True)
    API.FollowPathVehicle(,, 1)

  • Good morning. Thank you for your question.
    Unfortunately, this issue is caused by a bug with how the API calls and handles top speed of the vehicle.

  • @ANVEL-Team Is there any plan for a patch?

  • @peilin said in Unexpected Speed Limit In Path-Following via PYTHON API:

    @ANVEL-Team Is there any plan for a patch?

    The current roadmap for ANVEL development includes plans for semiannual releases. Since our 2.0 release was in May 2017, we are working towards November 2017 as our next free/publicly available version.

    Of course, paying customers will always have "early access" to betas and targeted bug fixes!

    Thanks for your question!

  • @peilin,

    We just wanted to let you know that this issue is resolved in ANVEL 2.5!

    ANVEL Support