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Getting Steering and Throttle Inputs

  • What are the necessary conditions to use the external API function "GetVehicleInput"? Whenever I try to call the function, I get the error VehicleAPIControllerNotSet. However, according to the wiki this exception should only be raised when there is no controller set for the vehicle, but my vehicle definitely has the Human Controller assigned to it (I have set it explicitly and I can control the vehicle when running the simulation). I'm not quite sure why this error is being raised for me when I try to call this function.

  • Thank you for your question. We have reviewed the expectations of the "GetVehicleInput" function and determined that this function is intended for API-controlled vehicles. We will update the documentation to make this clearer.

  • Good morning! To follow-up on this, we have updated the documentation pertaining to GetVehicleInput and associated pages.

    We expect these updates make clear that GetVehicleInput and GetVehicleInputBath are only applicable to vehicles whose controllers are set to AnvelAPIVehicleController (i.e., under API control). Vehicles with unset or non-AnvelAPIVehicleControllers will produce vacns exceptions, such as the VehicleAPIControllerNotSet you received when the controller was set to Human Controller.

    Please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns.