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How to change the terrain surface type?

  • I want to experience the effect of different terrains with different friction/traction properties. I assume the terrain definition is in ENV file. Taking LargeParkingLot.env as example since it contains only one grid. In the following terrain definition:

    <terrain defaultSurface="Concrete">
    	<grid cellSize="5000" numCellsX="1" numCellsY="1" useBorderWalls="true">
    		<position x="-2500" y="-2500" z="0"/>
    		<cell heightMap="FlatCell3x3.raw16" heightOffset="0" heightScale="50" xIndex="0" yIndex="0">
    			<surfaceData default="Concrete"/>

    The "Concrete" is referenced twice. I assume that one is global and another local to the grid. If I want to change it to Grass, should I change both? How do I know if my change is effective? Could I check from the properties tab?

  • Different types of surfaces (e.g., sand vs. asphalt) affect how a vehicle performs while interacting with the terrain. You can change the surface in the environment file or you can change it within ANVEL using Terrain Editing mode.

    Modifying Surface Characteristics will walk you through the steps.