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Make AI vehicle path invisible?

  • Gov. SIL Working Group

    In my current script I have an automated vehicle following a predetermined path. As of now the path is dark grey/black and punctuated by small black squares. For our experiment we don't want that to show.

    Does anyone know where in the code I can set it so that the AI path is invisible to the user?

  • @cathyneubauer,

    This is a little bit tricky, since there are two properties you have to set to hide the path and path points. If you are working in Python using an External API script, and do something like the following, your path should be completely invisible:

    path = anv.CreatePath('TestPath', waypointList)
    anv.SetProperty(path.objectKey, 'Color', '0 0 0 0')
    anv.SetProperty(path.worldObject, 'Opacity', '0') 

    Similarly, if you have a spawn point in your simulation and want to hide it, the convention also works:

    anv.SetProperty(spawnPoint.worldObject, 'Opacity', '0')   

    Hopefully this helps!

    ANVEL Support