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Connecting external API with internal command scripts

  • I have a large library of internal command scripts at this point, with functions that do all sort of useful things. I happen to need those same functions accessible from a remote application now. I'd prefer not to rewrite the entire library using the external API. It seems like my internal command functions should be callable from the external API via SendStringCommand() and SendStringCommandParamList(), but upon experimentation, it seems like those can only be used to invoke native Anvel commands.

    Question: Is there a way that I can call my own internal command script or function from the external API?

  • Just to clarify:
    Computer 1: my ANVEL machine with my internal command functions (MyModule.function1(), MyModule.functions2(), etc.). These functions can be invoked from the internal Python console.

    Computer 2: implements a program that uses the external ANVEL API to do things on Computer 1. Some of those things are much more easily accomplished by invoking MyModule.function1(), etc.

    THE question: How can I invoked MyModule.function1() from Computer2?

  • @rr,

    Thanks for your question, we are certainly aware of how useful this capability would be for our users. In ANVEL 3.0, one was supposed to be able to register new commands by using the embedded Python RegisterCommand method. However, due to a bug, it might not work, and thus you will likely have to wait for our next release for this functionality. We are targeting a release within the next month for a "version 3.1" of ANVEL that would include the fix for this issue.

    ANVEL Support