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ANVEL API Camera Orientation

  • For some reason I'm not able to modify the orientation (changing position is fine) of the world view camera. I'm using the same code from the vehicle control sample (~line 75).

    	//position our viewport camera
    	quantumsignal::anvel::api::ObjectDescriptor camOD;
    	client.GetObjectDescriptorByTypeAndName(camOD, "View", "World View 1 - Ogre3dCam");
    	client.SetProperty(camOD.objectKey, "Position", "-15 -30 7");
    	client.SetProperty(camOD.objectKey, "Orientation", "-0.54 -0.45 0.45 0.54");

    Any ideas on what I may be missing?

  • @samxchandler,

    It looks like there might be a bug in the user interface updating the orientation, but the property does appear to be set (you can verify by doing a GetProperty right after the set).

    Also, make sure to give it a valid quaternion or it might reject your value!

    ANVEL Support

  • Hi Sam,
    In taking a closer look at the user interface options for setting the orientation of the World View Camera in ANVEL 3.0, we realize there is room for improvement.

    When setting the World View Camera, you want to set the View properties, which is found on the Properties pane on the Sim tab, under Views, as shown here:


    Your code syntax appears correct and I used the position and orientation values you provided in my python script to set the values seen in this image.

    Give it another try and let us know how it goes.

    ANVEL Support