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FollowPathVehicle broken in Matlab API (3.0)?

  • I looked at the RegisterCommand documentation and example, but they aren't complete. Could you provide an example of how to register and then invoke a command through the external API? Thanks!

  • Thank you for your question. With your feedback we can improve our documentation.

    Building on the example shown at Built-in Python_RegisterCommand, calling the registered command from the External API would require using the SendStringCommand and it would follow the format "Category.Name".

    anv.SendStringCommand("Testing.TestCommand", "4")

    As defined in the example, the result will be written to the Log as "This is: 4".

    The response back to the API should be one indicating success. In my testing this morning though, I notice there is an issue; it displays "[u'invalid']". We have submitted this to our development team.

    ANVEL Support