• I know CallPythonFunction has been removed in 3.0, but I really need to make use of it in 2.5 until we upgrade. However, all my attempts to run it form the internal Python console have failed. Basically, I have a module called TestModule containing a function called testFunction. If I select "Call Python Function" from the Python menu in Anvel, everything works. If I call Anvel.Python.CallPythonFunction("TestModule", "testFunction") from the Python console, nothing happens. I don't get an error and there is no sign of the function running. What am I doing wrong?

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  • @rr,

    In 2.5, many Python errors are actually reported on the log tab (we've since updated this in 3.0). Can you check the log tab and let us know if there's anything reported there?

    ANVEL Support

  • @ANVEL-Team Nope, no reported errors

  • @rr,

    After doing some more testing, attempting to call Anvel.Python.CallPythonFunction("Simulation", "Resume"), for example, puts ANVEL in a bad state. Additional actions tend to cause ANVEL crashes. This is one of the reasons why why the command was obsoleted/hidden in 3.0.

    On the other hand, when we tried things like Anvel.Command("Simulation.TogglePause") we get the desired effect. And, if typed incorrectly, the PythonConsole window writes a message.

    Is there a way you could circumvent this system in 2.5 by using the Execute Script menu option to run ANVEL embedded Python code?

    ANVEL Support

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