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Possible usage of Gaussian Field distribution in ANVEL

  • HI, we are using ANVEL for a related project, and I want to check the possibility to modify ANVEL program with our own distribution field for terrain elevation. Specifically Gaussian Field distributions. This is to take in consideration the behavior of a vehicle facing an unknown or uncertain terrain.Thanks

  • @linedeschenes,

    Thanks for your question. It seems like there would be a few different approaches to solve this problem. Additional details about your requirements would be helpful to guide you further.

    Approach 1: Randomize the terrain data ahead of time and then simulate. You can use built-in terrain editing tools, or API commands, or the built-in Python system to add noise to the terrain heightmap.

    Approach 2: Add some random normal forces to the wheels through the physics system during real-time operation by using the ANVEL External API to query the physics properties of the wheels.

    Approach 3: ANVEL supports custom C++ plugins to augment the VTI (vehicle terrain interaction) system. This would allow for custom modifications to the forces on the wheels during real-time simulation. Although this approach is likely the most performance-minded, it would require C++ experience and may not be necessary given the other approaches.

  • @ANVEL-Team Thank you, I will explore your suggestions.