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python thrift module download

  • I changed the computer and need to reinstall everything.

    I installed python 2.7.10. Where could I download the thrift module? My IT support suggest me to build one from scratch.

    Last time, it is my IT support installing it. This time they could not find the module built already.

  • I found a thread on this issue. I think I need to build it myself.

  • After several trials, I gave up building the thrift myself in my windows machine due to the strict IA policy at our organization, that means, we could not use ANVEL effectively at AMSAA as we could not make it Python-driven.

    Is it possible for QS to ship the pre-build thrift modules for various language so we would stop the struggles?

  • @peilin,

    I'm sorry for the late response. Were you not able to follow the Python setup instructions:
    The thrift module should be available by using the pip tool.

    ANVEL Support