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Quantum Signal Announces ANVEL 3.0!

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    Quantum Signal Announces ANVEL 3.0

    Quantum Signal is pleased to announce the release of ANVEL 3.0! Building upon the success of ANVEL 2.5, version 3.0 includes an array of exciting enhancements and new features for intelligent vehicle simulation needs.

    ANVEL 3.0 includes the following enhancements and new features:

    -Improved Physics Performance – Enabled ODE physics engine multi-threading, increasing the performance of the physics system when simulating many wheels and other dynamic objects

    -Sensor Scalability – Added multi-threading optimizations to the lidar sensor system, enabling support for many more simultaneous lidar sensors in the simulation.

    • Improved External API – Added a new API-aware pose sensor, which can be used to create IMU, INS, and other navigation solutions; example scripts available

    • Components – The component architecture allows new capabilities and behaviors to be attached to objects through scripts and plugins; this release includes components such as location triggers, enhanced rendering capabilities, floating labels, and animation control

    • New vehicles, including a hatchback and a pickup truck

    • New default environments (in each edition)

    -New features related to assets and pathing

    -Numerous bug fixes

    For more information on updates, see the ANVEL user guide and look for the NEW! icon.

    Existing users can upgrade to 3.0 by logging into the ANVEL website at and clicking on My ANVEL. New users can apply for ANVEL 3.0 by selecting the button below. ANVEL is available in three editions - Government, Commercial, and Academic - for Windows and Ubuntu Linux (both 16.04 and 14.04).

    ANVEL is a product of Quantum Signal LLC (