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External API Python script from Python console

  • Is it possible to run an external API Python script from the built-in Python console? It seems like it should be, but I'm having problems due to path issues and various modules not being found.

    Why might one want to do it? To send commands to another Anvel instance from the built-in console, for example.

  • @rr,

    The built-in Python console actually has a lower level connection to ANVEL commands, which is the reason for this incompatibility.

    In the case of controlling multiple instances of ANVEL, we recommend that you use an external API script (as you're doing). There's no need to run the external API script from within ANVEL; simply use the Python dev environment that you typically use.

    ANVEL Support

  • Understood. It was just a matter of convenience - being able to run everything from the built-in console would mean fewer windows to manage. But if it ain't possible, no biggie.