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Updating ODESurfaceProperties To Increase Drag

  • Hello QS ,


    We recently ran some tests at a real test track with the GVRbot.
    We've been able to get the speed of the robot dialed in while on hard surfaces such as concrete.
    However, when we run the robot on Sand (dry) we see very little difference in performance to concrete.
    This, poses a large issue given that on the real track we witness a large difference in speed.
    Recently, we've tried altering the variable within the ODESurfaceProperties with respect to Dry Sand with little success.
    Above are the current values we've been trying to use to increase the sands influence on the robot.
    Aside from LongitudinalResistance/LateralResistance FromSinkage everything has been set like this based off of what we've seen in other surfaces. Long and Lat Resistance from sinkage were just something we were messing with to see if it had any influence at all.

    Please advise us further if there is a way to accomplish what we're hoping we can.
    We look forward to your reply.


  • @Tom.Stanko,

    Thanks for your question. You were indeed in the right place to modify these kind of properties. We took a look at the issue and it appears that treaded vehicles are not respecting the RollingResistance properties on the surface (wheeled vehicles are...), so this is an issue with treaded vehicles in ANVEL right now. As a result, we're tracking the issue and shouldn't be a problem to have this fixed for the 3.0 release in May.

  • Thanks guys, that would explain it!