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Steering and Slip angles output

  • Can anyone share how to output hand wheel steering angle and slip angles through python API? I'm looking for something similar to anv.GetProperty. Thanks in advance.

  • Here is how to out put Steering Angle and Slip Angles. Thanks to Cale Campbell and John Brabbs.

    vehicleDescriptor = anv.GetObjectDescriptorByTypeAndName('Vehicle','MRZR5')
    vehChildren = list(anv.EnumerateChildrenObjects(
    allWheels = list(anv.EnumerateObjectsByType('ODE Wheel'))
    vehWheels = [x for x in list(allWheels) if in[ for y in vehChildren]]
    SteergAng = [(,anv.GetProperty(,'Steering Angle')) for wheel in vehWheels]
    print SteergAng
    slipAngles = [(,anv.GetProperty(,'Slip Angle')) for wheel in vehWheels]
    for item in slipAngles:
    print item

    Next is Hand wheel steering angle :-)