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ANVEL 2.5 - .pyc Issues

  • When installing and running ANVEL v2.5, we see this problem on certain machines where .pyc files under C:\Users$USER\AppData\Local\Anvel\Scripts\Anvel directory. We believe this is caused by receiving the error message "Cannot find module Anvel" in the Log window and subsequently seeing the error "Cannot find module Anvel.scripting." What could be causing this?

    Thank you.

  • @jsongDCS,

    Thanks for reaching out. The issue you are encountering is definitely strange but also a known issue, and internally we have it fixed in preparation for the ANVEL 3.0 release in May.

    Essentially what is happening is that the $USER account name will, in some cases, cause the built-in Python interpreter to do the incorrect thing. For example if the user’s name starts with the letter ‘a’ Python will see ‘\a’ (has to be lowercase ‘a’) in the path and interpret it as a special character. Here is the list that will cause the issue if you’re curious: